NEW Water Conserving Laws for 2017!

New Water Conserving Laws for 2017 are in effect!

As of January 1, 2017, there is a new California Civil Code in effect, Code 1101.4 to be exact. This code requires that all homes built on or before January 1 1994, to be equipped with water conserving plumbing fixtures. What does this mean for homeowners? It simply has to be disclosed if a home isn’t equipped with conserving plumbing fixtures.

Whether or not a house is being sold, the law requires water conserving plumbing fixtures to be installed in every home. At this point in time there will not be a point of sale requirement, unlike smoke detectors and water heaters. Additional verbiage will be added to several disclosures to cover this new Civil Code.


How will this affect today’s Seller? The law will require sellers to disclose if they have any non-compliant plumbing fixtures on the property. Specifications will be available on one of the required disclosures. If additional questions arise consulting a plumber would be the best plan. This law does not require installation of water-conserving plumbing fixtures as a condition of a sale. At this time, a seller would be in violation of a basic requirement of the law. There is no penalty, only disclosure at point of sale.

Sellers who have already updated their plumbing fixtures will benefit by mentioning it the marketing of their property.

Existing retrofit law requirements for water conserving plumbing fixtures will remain in effect. Localities will be allowed to create stricter laws regarding this civil code.

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