Seller Testimonial

Dear Carol,

I want to thank you and your team for the excellent professional support you recently provided during the sale of my parents’ home at 171 Woodcrest Way in Grass Valley. I especially appreciate your thoroughness in helping me through the many gauntlets in getting the house ready for sale. You were extremely accessible and helpful regarding what needed or didn’t need to be done, recommending professional people who could assist, and assuring that they did so.

As you know, this was a difficult time for me, having recently lost both of my parents. You went beyond just the sale in helping me actually be able to do the work that needed to be done without completely falling apart. The disposition of the contents of their home was emotionally very hard and you stood with me through it all.

Your strong knowledge of the Morgan Ranch properties was essential in pricing, showing and ultimately selling this property. I trusted your professional advice throughout the process. Your calm, friendly and helpful demeanor kept me focused and resilient despite several unexpected turns, particularly when at the last minute, we had to rip out the entire (massive) deck and replace and landscape the back yard. When we learned that for unknown reasons the home had not been put into my parent’s family trust, and we had to go through probate, you were calm, helpful and focused on how to get it done.

The escrow and paperwork processes went quite smoothly and did not feel burdensome as it can. I certainly am grateful for all of your assistance and will look forward to working with you again in the future. I would be happy to serve as a reference for any of your future clients.


 Deborah of Nevada City

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