Nevada County Plumbers…

Nevada County Plumbers...Holiday Weekend Experience in Grass Valley California. This weekend I had a client from Morgan Ranch of Grass Valley call me in desperation as they had no water on Christmas Day! I started calling plumbers trying to find someone that would help … [Read more...]

Happy Holidays from Carol Willis, Morgan Ranch in Grass Valley!

Carol Willis, Nevada County Realtor® wishes you happy holidays and provides a brief market update for Morgan Ranch of Grass Valley. To my Clients, Friends and Neighbors in Morgan Ranch! The holidays are upon us and as we start to look back at 2015, we can see that it … [Read more...]

Morgan Ranch Home Sales, May 2015

  Morgan Ranch Home Sales of NEVADA COUNTY, May 2015. There has been a good amount of Morgan Ranch Home Sales so far this year, 2015.  If you would like additional details, please give Carol a call, 530-263-0634.      Address                     List … [Read more...]

Morgan Ranch Sales 2014

In 2014 56 total sides closed in Morgan Ranch, that's a total of 28 homes!  If your home is Ready, Priced Right & Advertised Correctly...  You Will Find Success in Your Sale! Carol Willis closed 13 sides, 11 homes just herself!  Your Neighborhood Realtor SELLS … [Read more...]

Morgan Ranch CC&R’s – For Owners & Renters!

CC&R's can be a very good thing! They create rules that add consistency, consideration and preserve the quality of the neighborhood.  It isn't desirable to look outside your kitchen window across the street every morning to a broken down vehicle that just sits there day … [Read more...]

Free Library In Morgan Ranch!

There is a Free Library in the Morgan Ranch Community of Grass Valley in Nevada County! A very kind Morgan Ranch Resident has started up a free library in Morgan Ranch of Grass Valley for the Morgan Ranch Community, (October 2014).  First, Betty took the time and obtained … [Read more...]

Back Flow Devices Required, Nevada City & Grass Valley!

Did you know that back flow devices are required on homes located in the City of Grass Valley and Nevada City? Most all addresses with a three digit number are located within the city limits. The City of Grass Valley does include all of the Morgan Ranch, and Morgan Ranch … [Read more...]

Morgan Ranch Architectural Control Committee and CC&R’s

The Morgan Ranch Newsletter came out a couple weeks ago for the month of May.  We found it to be very informative.  This is what they said: "The Morgan Ranch neighborhood has gained and held a reputation for being a well-kept and friendly place to live in Grass Valley. … [Read more...]

Your Neighborhood Realtor Sells Morgan Ranch 2013!

Your Neighborhood Realtor Sells Morgan Ranch 2013 If your home is Ready, Priced Right & Advertised Correctly, You Will Find Success in Your Sale! In 2013 Carol Willis closed 12 transactions in Morgan Ranch! Address                        Sold Price       Date   … [Read more...]