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Nevada County Plumbers…Holiday Weekend Experience in Grass Valley California.

This weekend I had a client from Morgan Ranch of Grass Valley call me in desperation as they had no water on Christmas Day! I started calling plumbers trying to find someone that would help them. I left messages at about 5 different places. I started feeling hopeless which I can imagine is just how my clients were feeling too. Lucky for me Rich Hooper of Gold Standard Plumbing called back in less than 10 minutes from when I left him a message! He could not offer any help with servicing the problem, but was happy to offer three references to call.

I called the first reference but never heard back; I understood as it was a holiday. I called the second referral for a Nevada County plumber and left a message. And to my very thankful surprise I received a call back in about 3 minutes! It was Craig, owner of Craig Johnson Plumbing in Grass Valley!

Craig quickly assured me that he could help my clients right away. And he did just that! Within about 3 minutes one of his plumbers, Casey called us and we got the ball rolling. Casey was out to the house within less than 2 hours from the first phone call! My clients were not only happy for the help but they were also very happy with the kindness and the communication that Casey provided.

If you are in need of pluming services in the Nevada County area it is important to pick a dependable and caring plumber! One that not only gets the job down correctly and when needed, but also a plumber that cares, is available, and of course local.

A big thank you you Rich of Gold Standard Plumbing for taking the time to call us back on a holiday and care enough to offer references to plumbers.

And a big thank you to Craig and Casey for not only working on a holiday and providing excellent communication and availability, but also for offering such top notch respectable service to my Morgan Ranch Clients!

Please feel free to check out my list of referred Service Providers! Just select the ‘Buyers & Sellers’ tab on the home page of my website, then select ‘Service Providers’ in the drop down box to access an updated list of local service providers. Or better yet, here is link you can use and share!   Nevada County Service Providers


Happy Holidays!



  1. Just wanted to let you know that your blog sent us a new customer! Thank you for your rave review – we’re happy to help!

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