Morgan Ranch Sales 2018

Morgan Ranch Sales for 2018!

Curious which homes sold in Morgan Ranch in 2018?

It’s interesting to see the Morgan Ranch home sales for 2018. What homes sold for, including the square footage and the days the house sat on the market before it went into escrow.

Below is a a graph showing all Morgan Ranch Home Sales for 2018.


Morgan Ranch Homes Sold in 2018!

171 Woodcrest Way1690$467,00078
270 Horizon Circle1353$398,00039
709 Morgan Ranch Drive1894$525,0004
109 Ruby Ledge Court1688$519,0000
300 Vistamont Drive1314$399,0005
185 Woodcrest Way1690$458,0000
125 Holbrooke Way1900$530,000N/A
155 Success Mine Loop2087$484,000139
114 Woodcrest Way1639$450,00075
128 Horizon Circle1558$450,0002
286 Horizon Circle1015$329,0007
237 Horizon Circle1820$490,00019
582 Morgan Ranch Drive1358$445,0002
242 Fairmont Drive1042$400,0002
224 Horizon Circle1910$520,0003
362 Horizon Circle1042$342,50059
348 Horizon Circle1486$370,000137
215 Success Mine Loop1356$386,50073
345 Vistamont Drive1411$389,50076
210 Northridge Drive1618$440,00054
687 Morgan Ranch Drive1688$460,00047
240 Horizon Circle1527$467,76511
640 Morgan Ranch Drive1910$477,00042
135 Holbrooke Way1835$490,0006
158 Success Mine Loop1835$510,00015
154 Holbrooke Way1835$540,0003
112 Samantha Way1430$412,000128

Please Note: Homes with no days on the market were sold outside of the real estate database.

There were 27 total houses sold in 2018 and Carol was a part of 13 of those sales that’s about 50% of all Morgan Ranch Sales!!!

Do you have questions regarding the information provided above on the Morgan Ranch Homes Sales? Contact Carol today for further details! 530-263-0634. Carol follows the markets every twist and turn.

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