Morgan Ranch Sales 2017

Morgan Ranch Sales 2017

Curious which homes sold in Morgan Ranch in 2017?

It’s that time of year again! The time of year we look back at the home sales for 2017 in the Morgan Ranch subdivision. It is always interesting to see what the listing price is, compared to the actual sales price. A lot of seller’s want to know how many days on the market a house sat before it sold. And of course looking at the price per square foot is always educational.

Below is a a graph showing all Morgan Ranch Home Sales for 2017.

Morgan Ranch Home Sales 2017

287 Vistamont Drive1/19/17$362,000$362,000-----------1411
173 Northridge Drive1/31/17$519,900$519,900751858
190 Horizon Circle3/9/17$539,000$539,00062087
675 Morgan Ranch Drive3/13/17$469,000$464,500261900
684 Morgan Ranch Drive3/28/17$445,000$440,00061835
222 Elysian Place4/18/17$365,000$365,00001398
131 Northridge Drive4/19/17$439,000$456,00041479
117 Holbrooke Way4/20/17$480,000$480,00001900
228 Elysian Place5/3/17$315,000$300,000------------1108
113 Bridger Court5/10/17$459,000$464,00031715
147 Woodcrest Way5/10/17$440,000$440,000------------1690
128 Success Mine Loop6/5/17$479,000$474,500281900
121 Ruby Ledge Court7/14/17$625,000$615,00042841
180 Success Mine Loop7/31/17$535,000$527,000101900
875 Morgan Ranch Drive8/25/17$499,000$480,000-------------1527
144 Woodcrest Way8/31/17$449,000$345,000502120
106 Woodcrest Way9/8/17$468,500$468,500141688
215 Elysian Place9/8/17$420,000$420,00001550
159 Northridge Drive9/18/17$463,500$460,000731923
679 Morgan Ranch Drive9/19/17$575,000$575,000162461
212 Elysian Place9/25/17$410,000$415,00021460
174 Northridge Drive11/20/17$629,000$629,000263246
856 Morgan Ranch Drive11/28/17$549,950$549,9501242463
879 Morgan Ranch Drive11/30/17$535,000$525,000---------------1900
208 Elysian Place12/1/17$398,500$398,500111317
157 Holbrooke Way12/14/17$470,000$464,00001835
115 Northridge Drive12/14/17$499,000$475,00081923
Please Note: Homes with no days on the market were sold outside of the real estate database.

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