Morgan Ranch Home Sales 2016

Morgan Ranch Home Sales 2016

Curious which Morgan Ranch Homes sold in 2016? What was the Listing Price V.S. the Sold Price. What was the average price per square foot? Or perhaps like most sellers are curious to know; what was the average days on the market for the sold properties?

Carol has collected the data for the 2016 Morgan Ranch Sales Information and created a graph below for you to look through.

Morgan Ranch Sales 2016

SOLDADDRESSList PriceSold PricePrice Per Sq. Ft.Days on the Market
1/06/16140 Success Mine Loop$359,000$359,000$254.4310
2/24/16660 Morgan Ranch Drive$420,000$415,000$226.16206
3/10/16180 Northridge Drive$399,000$389,000$203.66154
4/01/16121 Ruby Ledge Court$595,000$595,000$209.4320
5/05/16359 Vistamont Drive$275,000$269,000$242.7849
6/06/16806 Morgan Ranch Drive$410,000$405,000$220.718
6/28/16115 Woodcrest Way$339,500$335,000$204.3996
7/06/16875 Morgan Ranch Drive$359,000$335,000$219.38136
7/08/16891 Morgan Ranch Drive$489,500$463,000$252.3221
8/19/16209 Fairmont Drive$299,000$329,000$315.744
8/19/16105 Defiant Way$419,000$419,000$228.345
8/19/16160 Northridge Drive$569,000$530,000$160.3611
8/5/16705 Morgan Ranch Drive$520,000$505,000$204.37--
9/12/16160 Woodcrest Way$396,000$400,000$236.693
10/06/16347 Horizon Circle$299,000$295,000$283.117
10/12/16128 Success Mine Loop$399,500$380,000$200.0028
10/19/16282 Horizon Circle$365,000$345,000$229.6965
10/21/16783 Morgan Ranch Drive$599,000$595,000$195.27139
11/10/16720 Morgan Ranch Drive$539,000$535,000$265.518
11/25/16230 Elysian Place$339,900$333,000$253.4210
11/28/16219 Fairmont Drive$299,000$299,000$286.9548
11/28/16291 Vistamont Drive$359,000$359,000$251.0515
12/20/16628 Morgan Ranch Drive$499,000$485,000$210.6999

Do you have questions regarding the information provided above on the Morgan Ranch Homes Sales for 2016? Contact Carol today for further details! 530-263-0634. Carol lives in Morgan Ranch of Grass Valley and follows the markets every twist and turn. Hope to see you at our next open house!

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