Nevada City

Nevada City has restored it’s downtown historic district.  Nevada City is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is known as the treasure of the Gold Country.  With quaint, narrow streets lined with lights and brick store fronts, Victorian style homes and landmarks, Nevada City is a beautiful place to call home.

Downtown Nevada City

Nevada City began with gold and still holds a very special appeal.  Nevada City began it’s formation back in 1849 along Deer Creek where much gold was harvested.  Nevada City embraced hydraulic engineering and was the place where PG&E came to exist. Popular to most, Mark Twain lectured at the Nevada Theater, and Herbert Hoover lived and worked in the area as a gold miner prior to being elected for president.

Downtown Nevada City has a many quality restaurants, live theater venues, wineries, and several watering holes with live musical entertainment.  This little city is the home to a growing number of artists, writers, and outdoor oriented people.

Fall Colors of Nevada City

A low crime rate and one of the top-ranked public educational systems in California greatly adds to Nevada County’s desirability.