Grass Valley

Grass Valley’s claim to fame came from the gold rush days as Grass Valley became the richest of all California’s gold mining towns.  Today, Grass Valley is the hub of the economic center of Nevada County.  There are many historic points throughout Grass Valley such as the Holbrooke Hotel that was built back in 1851 where four U.S. presidents have stayed over the years.  The Grass Valley Chamber of Commerce, also the visitor center for Grass Valley was once the home of Lola Montez, a 19th century entertainer.  Even more interesting was the fact that there was once a China-town here in Nevada County in the 1870’s.  The Chinese played a very large role in the development of California’s mines, levees, and railroads.

Many people move to Grass Valley not only for it’s beauty but also for the four seasons that it offers.  Summer, fall, winter, and spring are all seasons to be celebrated here in Nevada County. With many desirable areas of Grass Valley such as Morgan Ranch, Alta Sierra and The Cedars, it can be a difficult choice to decide where exactly to live.

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